In the event you set up a brand new website, it’s critical to get the best design and style for it. In the Elite Web Agents Web Hosting Control Panel it can be done extremely fast. We have for you a wide range of over 800 one–of–a–kind site web templates available for 100% free. They are presented with our cloud hosting accounts and are also completely customizable.

Practically all of our web templates were created only for our services and aren’t accessible anywhere else beyond the Control Panel. Consequently the probabilities to find others utilizing the same template as you are generally nominal.

800+ Bonus Web Templates

Fully customizable. Auto Installation

With Elite Web Agents, you can find a set of over 800 bonus web templates, bundled straight to the Control Panel. This will certainly help save you a long time in exploring third–party themes web sites to search for the right template for your web site. You now are able to get your theme straight from the Control Panel.

The bonus web templates are offered with our Instant Site Installer and then our Free Of Charge Website Builder. Each of these tools works with its very own group of themes, so you can easily verify both and decide on the very best overall look and feeling for your site.

Free Website Themes

Bonus Web application Web Templates

Grab bonus web templates for your upcoming app

Using the tools that you have at hand within the Elite Web Agents Control Panel, you can quickly start a completely new Joomla website or perhaps a WordPress blog from scratch. Also you can pick out a nice looking design and style for your web site out of a large selection of simple–to–customize themes.

You can obtain a completely new customizable template when using the subsequent web applications: Wordpress, Joomla, Moodle (e–learning), Mambo (CMS) and 4Images (image gallery). Our themes are compatible with all releases of the aforementioned web applications and can be installed completely free at any time.

Free App Themes

Bonus Site Builder Web Templates

100+ fully easy to customize bonus web templates

If you need to build your personal website and save money on web design, you’re able to take benefit from the Free Of Charge Website Builder. It’s a web template–centered web site constructor which requires absolutely no HTML or CSS practical knowledge by you, and is available for no charge with each of our cloud hosting packages.

The tool provides you with more than 100 completely unique designs and styles, that you can thoroughly customize to your liking. As these bonus web templates are prepared for only the site builder, there is no doubt that once you create your website, it’ll be unique.

Free Site Builder Themes