Creating backups is a function which is offered by almost all hosting firms around. That's an extremely handy function since it's a guarantee that you won't lose critical data in case something happens with your Internet sites and there are many possible reasons for that - somebody getting access to your account, deleting content by mistake, doing an unsuccessful update of a script-driven program, and so on. As long as you've got a backup, the damage in any one of these cases is easy to fix, but you shall have to take action quickly since most companies keep only 1 backup a day and each new one removes the previous one, thus a delay of 2 days means losing everything. Our groundbreaking backup system was developed with the idea to prevent this type of cases and it shall permit you to select what content to restore and from what date considering that you will have a lot of backups to choose from.
Browsable Daily Backups in Shared Website Hosting
If you purchase one of our shared website hosting plans, we'll keep backups of all your data 4 times per day, so in case anything needs to be restored, you'll be able to use the most recent copy, which means no loss of data or minimal damage in case that you have added info after the last backup was generated. You will also be able to search through all backups going a week back via the File Manager section of your Control Panel, hence you may very easily find and restore the files that you need from the specific time that you require. The restoration is as basic as copying a file or a folder from one spot to another, thus no special competencies are needed. For safety reasons all backup files are read-only to make sure that content cannot be erased from them unintentionally. With this platform you will never have to worry about the integrity of your files no matter what because we shall constantly have at least a few copies which you'll always be able to browse from inside your CP.