Data Backups

Your site content could be retrieved anytime

No website is normally protected against cyber–thieves assaults. Your web site might be affected even by unintentional website content deleting on your end. Still when using our data backup solution, we’ll easily restore all your web site content whenever you want. Apart from the frequent server backups that we are carrying out, you can yourself make manual backups of your website content with just a click through the File Manager, which is conveniently integrated into your Web Hosting Control Panel. Simply make a ZIP archive of the folder(s) you wish to manually back up and put it in a location of your preference.


A secure web app firewall

We offer an instant method of safeguarding every web app in your account, irrespective of whether it is newly installed or has been imported from another web hosting provider. All our shared website hosting packages come with ModSecurity – a web application firewall software, which is enabled by default. We have configured it to momentarily obstruct the majority of hack attacks. This means that as soon as you host your website with us, it will be safer than ever before.

VPN Access

Safe, anonymous web surfing

If you want to remain truly anonymous while browsing the web, we offer you an easy solution. With each of our shared website hosting packs, you can have VPN access. We’ll route your entire inbound and outbound traffic through one of our VPN data centers, making your online footmark untraceable. And you’ll gain VPN access regardless of what web–connected gadget you’re using.

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